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When distant African towns get tablets instead of books, our doctrine must be digital and freely accessible.


When digital text becomes searchable and exportable, it becomes translatable by free online tools, allowing local mission outreach and creative compilations of our work. Freeing our doctrine, polity, confessional statements, resolutions, and our common work from the paywall will go a long way to redeeming that backwards tradition. We need to do a better job of putting the Discipline in the hands of people and in the major language groups of the UMC. They were extremely outdated.

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Those two in particular should be free to any church member. But yeah, this should be available free and searchable. Digital formats were emphasized as a part of how it would come to be published. NOT cool! I was excited to have my Confirmation students be able to look up a few different things on -line, especially the Social Principles, since being available digitally would be so much easier for them. This is frustrating to me. It is like a citizen of the US being unable to freely get to the constitution or latest executive orders or legislative bills passed.

This is one document that every single person who calls themselves United Methodist needs to be able to access without cost. Jeremy, thanks for this. I have always been perplexed why the Discipline was not free to the churches who enable and allow the Publishing House to exist.

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It would seem essential that every United Methodist church should have access to the official guiding document for the denomination. I would think that allowing every United Methodist congregation 1 copy would be a starting point for this. I agree with you, given that electronic media has become as pervasive as it is. The idea of a freely accessed document is not far fetched. I am curious… if the current ISSUU version were in searchable text format, would that be satisfactory to you? Also, I would invite you to go to the link below.

It is the Google Books preview of the BOD and it has most of the pages some are omitted, as is the case with most books on Google Books. You can search keywords on the left side and it will list the applicable pages and link you to the corresponding page s if they are available.

While imperfect, I hope this is helpful to you. Both the ISSUU and the GBooks versions treat the pages like an image rather than full-text, so that limits their usefulness as I indicated above in the penultimate section. Beginning in , I have long advocated for the Discipline, the Book of Worship and the Judicial Council decisions to be freely and readily available for all.

I do think that the idea pay for it shelf life then free is very logical. Great post. I would go one step further and say the BoD needs to be online, free and written in a way that is more accessible to most readers. The current writing and organization leaves a lot to be desired. As others have noted, the problem goes beyond the BOD.

2012 Book of Discipline and Book of Resolutions Online

It turns out that UMPH owns the copyright. We asked if we could put the GC-approved text only online in a free, public form and were turned down. Thus, our official denomination theology of mission is essentially unavailable unless you happen to live near a theological library because UMPH is worried about losing out on revenue on a book they are no longer actively publishing.

Perhaps we need to consider who should own the BoD. I think it should be the property of General Conference. If that were the case, the General Administration Fund would pay the cost of putting it on line for free.

The pastor shall be present at each meeting of the committee on pastor-parish relations or staff-parish relations except where he or she voluntarily excuses himself or herself. However, the pastor or appointed staff under consideration shall be notified prior to such meeting with the district superintendent and be brought into consultation immediately thereafter. The committee shall meet in closed session, and information shared in the committee shall be confidential. Used by permission. Find a Job in the UMC. The UMC. This resource is made available free of charge to job seekers.

Any local Unit. The UMC Certification program at United Theological Seminary is a hybrid, retreat-oriented, intensive process for church leaders earning profes. Iliff School of Theology.

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Traditional classroom, online, and hybrid oppor. Subscribe Store About Contact Us. Blog Calendar Content Library. January 17, 17 January Jan. Download this pamphlet in Microsoft Word Download this pamphlet in pdf We frequently receive from pastors, church members, committee members, and employed church staff questions about the employment of non-appointed lay staff in the local church. To define and fix the powers and duties of annual conferences, provisional annual conferences, missionary conferences and missions, and of central conferences, district conferences, charge conferences, and congregational meetings.

To provide for the organization, promotion, and administration of the work of the Church outside the United States of America.

The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church by Marvin W. Cropsey - Leer en línea

To define and fix the powers, duties, and privileges of the episcopacy, to adopt a plan for the support of the bishops, to provide a uniform rule for their retirement, and to provide for the discontinuance of a bishop because of inefficiency or unacceptability. To provide and revise the hymnal and ritual of the Church and to regulate all matters relating to the form and mode of worship, subject to the limitations of the first and second Restrictive Rules.

To provide a judicial system and a method of judicial procedure for the Church, except as herein otherwise prescribed. To initiate and to direct all connectional enterprises of the Church and to provide boards for their promotion and administration. To determine and provide for raising and distributing funds necessary to carry on the work of the Church.

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To fix a uniform basis upon which bishops shall be elected by the jurisdictional conferences and to determine the number of bishops that may be elected by central conferences. To select its presiding officers from the bishops, through a committee, provided that the bishops shall select from their own number the presiding officer of the opening session. To change the number and the boundaries of jurisdictional conferences upon the consent of a majority of the annual conferences in each jurisdictional conference involved.

To secure the rights and privileges of membership in all agencies, programs, and institutions in The United Methodist Church regardless of race, gender, or status. To allow the annual conferences to utilize structures unique to their mission, other mandated structures notwithstanding. To enact such other legislation as may be necessary, subject to the limitations and restrictions of the Constitution of the Church. The ratio of representation of the annual conferences and missionary conferences in the General Conference shall be the same for all jurisdictional conferences.

To promote the evangelistic, educational, missionary, and benevolent interests of the Church and to provide for interests and institutions within their boundaries. To elect bishops and to cooperate in carrying out such plans for their support as may be determined by the General Conference.

To establish and constitute jurisdictional conference boards as auxiliary to the general boards of the Church as the need may appear and to choose their representatives on the general boards in such manner as the General Conference may determine. To determine the boundaries of their annual conferences, provided that there shall be no annual conference with a membership of fewer than fifty clergy in full connection, except by the consent of the General Conference.